Dynamic Design Examples

NASA/JPL Champollion Project

This project is in the development phase, to be used on Deep Space 4, also will be used to investigate Uropa, an iced over moon of Jupiter. 

The design demonstrates electronics interchange ability. Several configurations can be made to be electronically unique from ONE design.

Concurrently with Teledyne, connector development was critical to provide reliability and density. Pressure contact connectors were designed, accepted by JPL and used for this module. 1 mm pitch connector density used on all connector I/O areas, .025 diameter pad size finished with a .010 hole size, 33 I/O points formed from over 4200 connections. Re-work ability built in to the wiring to support a variety of configurations

JPL provide the next assembly mock-up, DDI designed the mock-up and final board configuration and Pioneer Circuits, Inc. produced the proto-type board mock up for this project along with manufacturing the finished Rigid-Flex

Blow up of contact area that provides accessibility to unique configurable circuitry technology.