Dynamic Design Examples

Boeing North American

These are specialty cables, designed to perform in cryogenic applications. That is the reason behind the alloy selection. At cold temperatures, thermal transfer is an issue affecting signal integrity, and is enhanced by this type of wiring concept. In satellite applications EMI shielding is also an issue which is best shielded from signals by Gold and is the reason for the gold finish on the cable.

8 Layer Multi Layer Flex Constructions, Constantan Base Metal (not copper). Constantan Foil (Thermal Shielding). Electron Beam deposited Titanium under-plate followed by Gold over plate to finish EMI shielding; thickness of metallization is at 1000 angstroms thick. .005 mil traces with .005 mil spacing, .001 thick constantan foil trace layer, .0005 thick constantan foil for thermal shielding. Foil Lamination to Base dielectric material is required

Constantan foil is an extremely delicate material to work with. Care must be taken during all phases of the lay-up process.

This image shows various layers getting ready for the final lamination process.